Only ran 4.3-something miles.  Heat stopped me.  Surprised I couldn’t have pushed it to 5, but oh well I say to myself with a certain dismissive lean and blink, smirk.  What do I do now, I ask myself thinking about the Chardonnay I opened last night, in the fridge.

So many wine thoughts while on run…. The Pinot from the other day, the Bordeaux blend I’ll pop later once the sun is away… and now, Chardonnay.  Why are Chardonnay and I together so much of late?

Wondering if I should start my weekend early.  How.  Just get away from the desk, pour yourself some Chardonnay, have some cheese, and just take notes and relax.  Thought about my dream home, OUR dream home that I’m building by method of a characteristics list… could work on that a little.  Thought about Sunriver as well on the run, sipping Chardonnay on the porch watching one of those Central Oregon thunderstorms decide to hover above the resort.