Call at 8, to go through friend’s PowerPoint presentation.

Another call at 10:30 with my Engineer.

Go for early run, hopefully before noon.  Should be warm today and I want to avoid as much of the heat as possible.

Will try to find quiet whenever and however I can.  Generate something extra in this crazy time, when everyone’s uncertain, and scared, and not spending.  How would I do it…

Communication.  Communicating.  And not in some long, exhaustive email or newsletter.  Today, notes are the focus.

Done with call.  Now into day….  Storytelling, narration, NOTES.  Avoiding full sentences, for now.

Note from last night – “During night, next day write.” Meaning, what you see for the next day or actually write it.  Saw self waking earlier.  No.  Didn’t happen.  Then I saw more letters to business owners, regardless if they’re in our “territory” or not.

Seeing the day, today, a Friday which doesn’t mean shit anymore, as a new journal of its own.  Aside from the quarantine, and whenever we’re going to be let out into the street again as AE’s.

Birds off to right, other side of window… feel like I’m somewhere else, like I’m on vacation in Sunriver, or in Tahoe, or Colorado.  But no, I’m just here in Coffey Park, quarantined.  Kids are being surprisingly calm and in-place, which comforts me as well as scares the shit out of me.

An idea….  I charge at it like I’m starved and see a full table of full plates after being lost somewhere… a dessert, a forest, Antarctica, San Francisco, somewhere….