4/25/20, Saturday

Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.


Already an incident with kids.  Jackie I guess somehow bumping Emma’s nose and then of course how lovely a blood nose.  Rushed to her with paper towel, escorted her to bathroom.  Bloody nose over now both are watching a kids movie, in our bed, quiet.

Allergies pummeling me again.  Woke at 3-something, with my nose the subject.  Was up for a bit after, then somehow I fell back to sleep.  Drinking my first dose of coffee, just one cup.  Taking time to write before shower.  No Sonic today, officially, so have to find ways to isolate, and just jot in journal.  Didn’t write an essay yesterday as I wanted, the 267-word-er, or one page to send to Karl who’ve I’ve known literally my whole life and I’ve known him to be a fine, and quite clear writer but only now do we together exchange pages and back and forth in any way outside of when we see each other for family gather or some birthday, other occasion.

Not letting myself be pulled from sight today… a 3000 word day.  Can I do it, of course you can I tell myself but you have to log every thought.  The sense of it is that it was done–  And then I’m interrupted by recall of a dream I had last night.  Who is that that I’m seeing…?  Can’t think of her name, and can’t really see her face, but there was a discussion, some dialogue lines about something somewhat focused.  Not of any rancor, but some intensity or defined disruption.  Can’t place or replay it, so I have to let it go.

Heard that quarantine may be expected past 5/31.  I might actually lose my mind if that happens, OR be thankful I have more time to work on the book.  Not sure.  Will be marketing my writing and blogging, and editing, for CV and letter writing. The blogging will be for businesses, those that use their blogs.  I see that quite a bit, a tab for BLOG and the last entry was in early 2018.

I calm self after the last paragraph.  Note everything in this SIP trip, which I think businesses should be doing.  Which I should be doing more.  A time map for the day…  See, I can’t as the kids are wild and free, and Melissa’s not working today.  Will have to use the voice notes thing on phone, and scribble in you-journal when able.

This coffee, when I look forward to while quarantined and in the morning before work, when I start work early.  Looking left at Joan Didion’s ‘Magical Thinking’, reminding me that I need to read MORE, get back into the Anne Frank entries, and Plath’s letters.  Wondering who else I can write a letter to other than Dav.  I mentioned Lila earlier, but…. Haven’t much talked to her of late.  OH, I remember her, the girl in the dream, and old friend who was once a student of mine.  Now in Paris, post-Doc…. And another friend, Amber, with how she walks down the street in Nashville (not Atlanta as I previously was convinced)…. That’s two letters.  They both write, Amber more creatively than the other friend, Rebecca, if I remember right.

Started one of the letters.  So, piece to submit to Karl, and the two letters.  That’s my plan today.  All writing, all written, all writer.