Returning to wine, and my wine shop…. Spent over $200 on groceries today at Oliver’s, so I’ll have to put the next wine buy from K&L on hold.  Want to go up in pricepoint a bit, as the last set I allocated self was completely $20 or less bottles.  Next will be between $20 & $30.  6 bottles again, thinking three white, three red, all California and ALL Sonoma County.

This quiet is odd, honestly.  I don’t like being far from them.  Blinds open so I can see them drawing chalk on the driveway.  Don’t worry, no other kids are out and they’re not in contact with anyone else… very much respecting the covid code.  Jack, never seen him this way, with putting down the tape then coloring in the shapes (mostly triangles), and adjusting colors slightly by blending in another color.  One triangle specifically I admired was one in the second tape placement, a medium-sized triangle with a lighter green as the dominant blanket hue with some lighter green insinuation later applied.