Have to quit sbux….

This is the last day, for a while.  Maybe not quit, but cut back dramatically.  More money toward wine quarter, and other businesses.  Where am I running, today?  Think through my vineyard on Coffey, then up Hopper…  Would love to hit 8.  And I should be able to if I go slow…

Diary of Anne Frank.  I’ll start reading officially, today.  She speaks to her journal.  It’s a person to her.  Student just texted me and said how a Twilight Zone-like trip to Target turned into like 5 handwritten pages.  Told her that’s great.  It’s more than great…. It’s extraordinary.  It’s fabulous in a multitude of fashions.

11:28 now, should suit up in a bit.  OR, later.  When it’s warmer.  Jack doing a Zoom meeting now with his teacher, Emma getting restless.  Feel like I’m getting killed this morning, with the kids and Melissa earlier with her class and that loud song, the office contacting me, then a new client, then a leads group partner… there was something else too I forgot what though.  Need a run.