Wife doing a loud workout class, kids getting restless and it was wildly evident in the car getting takeout from sbux.  Never happening to me before, but the person in front of me paid for my order.  I asked the lady in the booth how they would even do that, she said they just asked what my tab was.  I did the same for the person behind me.  Felt good, wanted to keep it going.  And, I think I saved a little money paying for theirs.  Or, rather, assumed a lesser tab.

Now at desk, readying for a video meeting over Zoom.  Hope I know what I’m doing.  I need to play around with Zoom a little more, get more familiar with it.  For virtual tastings and meetings, writing seminars, anything…

Distracted and annoyed by all the activity in the house, but I block it out, or try.  Starting notes for day in journal… run later.  Want 7+ miles.  Slower speeds.  Lots in thinking voice, internally….  Meeting pushed back to 10:30.  Time to look for businesses, and other points in Marin, little in Berkeley….

Happiness Sentence For Day – I’m here and I can do more than what I think I can do.

Today is as always about producing, production, visible progress…. When will I be in the field, I don’t know.  So…. Pretend you’re there now.