Stay moving stay busy stay starved

4/11/20, Saturday


Started the day with two notes to self…

1 -Don’t force yourself to wake up.

Get to know the day.

Indulge in the benefits of patience and temperament.

2 – Working on Saturday invites flavors and ebbs that the expected and all-too-normal weekdays don’t.

Have aims for day but not writing them down.  Just going to do them.  Acquire them, meet them…. BE them.  Didn’t get to reading Anne Frank last night.  Will at some point today, and order more books.  My friend Amber, former student from the ’08 SSU days, posted on her channel that she’s planning to write more reactions to books, and read the reactions on her channel.  Need to, and I will.  Starting with David Sedaris.  Want to re-read MTPOD (okay, Me Talk Pretty One Day… sorry, I thought an acronym would be quick and like, I don’t know, clever), On The Road, and those Sylvia Plath letters outside which I never finished.


Bad.  And this quarantine composition and reality has told me not only how much it’s needed, but how attainable and realistic that is.  Thinking of some spaces in either Windsor or Cotati where the rents could be rather low… but then I think, no.  If I pack light and work from home, I don’t need the extra expense.  What would Sedaris or Lawson do?

First cup, or tumbler dose, of the Peet’s dark roast k-cup coffee.  Better than the holiday blend.  Do I want my latte…..?  What I want is a shower, and another run today.  4 miles, then do some reading.  Anne Frank’s predicament isn’t really comparable to this, but since it was mentioned by Keoni, a friend of mine and very helpful mentor in both past and present at Sonic, mentioned it over a virtual meeting the other day, Wednesday actually, I want to look for myself.  Little Ms. Frank took to writing to survive, to interpret and appreciate what she had, who she was.  I’ve made fun of this shelter-in-place order, or strong suggestion, in the past but now I want to better know it, and I will through writing.

Kids now on their tablets learning about whatever’s directed at their age and grade, while I am here at desk, thinking about businesses, where I’m going to go when this is over.  I may go south of San Rafael… Larkspur Landing maybe?  Want to see more… want to continue what people see in me, my quota attainment yes but just my energy and presence… writing everything and the myriad of exploratory movements I embody and perpetuate.  Least I hope I do.

8:09.  Committed to 3000 words today.  Have to get there and put all words in this new journal, newness… new life and new experience, sight and love of the Now…  Which reminds me I didn’t post the ‘new’ post on LinkedIn.  No matter.  Will later.  An expression and annunciation of new everything in this quarantine, sheltering and creating in place…. New life, love, sight, appreciation of what’s present, new approaches and notetaking practices, new conversation and greeting of people… new love of people, even more than the business practice… new ethic of work, life, personhood and everyday ethics….  I’m remaining what I am, but immediately and visibly changing.  I praise this “quarantine”.