Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED


In the Sonic nook.  Prospecting, but not really.  Sending emails, see if there’s any connection.  I can’t take a day “off”.  Not that I feel pressured, I just don’t want to.  I’m not looking to build a brand, but write a story that changes absolutely everything in my story and what’s contacted, touched.

Raining outside, looking left as I sit in the nook.  One more email, the break to collect self in notes…. This is the intention of the prospect-esque project.  To not have to be in that mode all the time.  More of a moment-to-moment molding of the moments themselves.  Magic of the Meta, as I say in class.

I’ve always thought that every day teaches something, gives some instructional morsel….  I have so many inner-provocations right now as I sit here in this nook, in this seat or sofa up against the wall, that I can barely keep them in or on any kind of track.  So, I don’t resist.  I go with the existing momentum rather than resist it or try to steer or shove it one way or another.

Getting hungry.  But writing through it.  Contacted another business.  Soon, I’m just going to type in certain words, just explore and roam around Marin, SF, the East Bay especially Berkeley and parts of Albany, Oakland.

I’m staying not just busy and productive, or even STARVED, but playful.  Just as my kids teach me.  In the last month, I’ve seen aspects of my character that I want augmented and amended while others I’m electing simply remove.  Focus and emphasis, emphatic tap of the qualities needing be magnified, amplified, diversified.