3/9 – Prospecting. 

Turning over and communicating with everything I can.  Not pleased with my score so far for the month.  I know, it’s only the 9th, but that’s how I am.

Thinking of doing a newsletter again.  Not like ‘vino letter a jour’, but shorter.  And on prospecting.  Maybe this is the first fruition of prospect-esque.  I just need to modify some approaches in my business, how I find and attract new business.  More IT partners, for sure.  Just emailed my existing partners.  Wait, there’s one I forgot I think…

Found another potential IT partner.  Need to look for them more, and vendors.  Having a network not just to have one but aid in lead generation.  Why am I just now realizing this?  Doesn’t matter, I realize it.  Have to head back to the house and get new business cards for my talk later.  Should go till 4pm, at the latest I’m hoping.

Class tonight…. All about writing.  Reading is writing.  Even—no, especially—when “prospecting”.

Early to bed tonight, and alarm at 4am.  Yes, I’m still fighting that fight.  And I’m tired of fighting.  So now, just to materialize and mobilize.