First shot in day.

Took this picture, right when I parked.  Tree, sky, part of a building.  In a parking lot.  After a conversation I had with someone yesterday about dream significance, and what symbols and visions, images could imply or insinuate, I’m looking at this picture and the odd angle at which I took it with different reasoning.

Thinking startup, today.  MY startup… starting with blogs, blogging, what I spoke to this woman about yesterday, my ultimate aim of having my own office, and how Dane said to use Sonic as a means of writing your own story.  Before you suggest anything, I am bizarrely happy and home at Sonic.  BUT, the company and the people in it do remind me that anything is attainable.  You can have whatever you see, but you have to move, you have to be relentless…. Ravenous and consistent, committed and composed.

8:12….  Checking finances.  A bit tight, but no worrisome.  Just keep moving, I write to myself.

Where to start calling… old leads from an AE that recently left the company.  Then to the leads I found yesterday while working at the RR Square spot.

Journal.. where is it?  In bag.  And like that, I see the tree’s significance, and thesis.  Growth, age, time, life, health.  More than the weather with its clouds today, or needing coffee which is why I was in that lot parked, but the parts of the story, where you are.  The woman yesterday said that this part of my story is crucial, or pivotal.  Can’t remember her exact word, but I agree with the inference.  Nothing can interpolate or intrude on this new instruction, self-instruction (another place of alignment between her and I, how one has to teach self and show self, repair self if needed, that it’s all to the individual to climb and grow, live and continue in quietude).

Thankful for yesterday and the words back and forth, her language and questions, making me realize certain quarters of my past are still instrumental and unintentionally possibly dominant or more prevalent, present than I before estimated.

Into the day, with only a climb, only up, only growth and more vivacity about me.