Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED

Incredibly loud at this Starbucks, Petaluma, North McDowell.  Lunch meeting just across this plaza, 12:30.  Which gives me time to prospect from this laptop, connect to certain businesses, settle in a more bright demeanor.  Stressing this morning, and that’s from thinking.  Stop it, I tell self.

There will be no elevation if there’s not a inner-mediation.  Finished eating protein pack, but still hungry. Wait till lunch, I tell myself.  After lunch, head to coLAB.  Pay for day in cash, if I don’t sneak by.  But even if I do, one of the girls will ding my account.  I need to compose character.  Part of my day’s growl attributed to no possibility of a run, or at least that I can see.  WAIT… maybe after food from lunch settles, and following work at LAB or Sonic office.  I can still find a way to run.  Even if only 5 miles.  Yes, I could pound out 5 before class tonight, right?

Not sure how I feel about this workspace.  I’ve said for years, YEARS, that I need my own office but haven’t really made such serious steps to attain it.  Wait, I think, I should use the Sonic office more.  The breakroom, those thinking pods, the Zen Cove, the breakroom.  Working at home is not an option, I so starkly saw this morning.  Kid evidence everywhere, cups fill of water, fallen Cheerios, and whatever else found.

Moved some money around.  For blogging project. Selling wine on blog and providing some degree of resource, resourcefulness.  Two people two tables in front of me, working.  The noise doesn’t bother them.  Not sure why it bothers me to its known degree.  I still ask myself what I want more than anything, and that’s my own office.  With the funds I just moved, I can inch a little more near to that room, that desk, that chair that’s only mine.  I’ll find a spot at the LAB, not so much pretend but put self in that mind place, that reality, accept it and realize that it’s been realized already and that I don’t have to wish.

Just heard one of the baristas say she’s going on her mid-walk.  I’m guessing she means the walk in the middle of her shift, that she takes regularly, day to day week to week.  The noise decreases.  As does my angst, dramatically.  What do I want from the rest of the day?  Well, what have I done so far?  Set one appointment, and waiting on confirmation for two others in San Rafael.  I did bring backpack, but only using the middle pocket.  No business cards clogged or floating around.

Now I’m connected to the day.

And my way.  A new step and slight, clef and right.  I’ve righted my attitude.  What was that?  What triggered what?  Maybe I triggered I.  And like I offered in the speakers group a while back, “I write I”.

After this entry, starting my ‘Sonic AE Jots’.  MY story as an Account Exec.  And what is it?  Speaking… writing… doing everything that others won’t.  How else will I stand out, be successful, make the money I want to for my little winery?  New name for column, in this blogger where I even deeper seek know my Now… “Me An AE Sea’.  How a “sea”.  Of possibilities, of creativity, of movement, of conversation, of REVOLUTION (which Sonic boasts in several avenues of their communication.

Ready to look for new leads…. New businesses.  Love this part of the Sea, prospecting.  Or, prospect-esque…  IT’s not typical prospecting, but shopping, just exploring, following what I wonder.