2/24 –

In the office.  Will be in field later, but this morning starting with sending emails.  A shit ton of them.  Just saying hi, introducing self… no more than 4 lines.  Meeting prospect at 12:45, then another meeting closer to 3 I think.  9:19 currently.  May go back to Petaluma and visit some architects, or digital marketers, marketing firms, anything fun.  Not making it into Marin as I’d hoped.

Was at winery a little later than I’d wanted.  Got burritos for Dad and I from Su Casa, a place I haven’t visited in years.  Was quite good, if you want to know, and if you’re ever in that part of Santa Rosa.  Small little family joint I’ve been frequenting since….  Honestly, I can’t even remember.

Woke early today, but not as early as I’d hoped.  Story of stories for this AE, but even still I’m ahead of everything so far today… reports in, expenses and those pain-in-the-ass Google Driving directions sent to where they need go and be.  And here I be, in my AE read.

Some people want me to slow down and I fervently refuse.  Tonight in class, talking about essays… a lab of sorts.  Forgetting essay templates and design, orthodox instruction.  WRITING….  What I’m doing now.  Will start with letters in a bit.  Actually, will have one email and send it everywhere.. again, no more than four lines.  I could be overthinking….  I am.  So stop. Remember your own advice, Mike.

Done with latte, will be switching to water in a moment.  Need a Bubbly water.  Love those things.  Coffee anymore makes me feel agitated, and not composed, or assembled with ideas.  I feel self-rushed and sped.  Not at an advantageous rhythm, or beat.  Too many voices here in office. Want to go to coLAB, but that’ll cost.  Shit…. And no more coffee spots.  Dirty, loud, disruptive.

So where does this leave me… where can I get the most done?  Spend the $20 for a day at coLAB, or stay here so I can run for an hour…  No, can’t run.  Left Garmin at home.  Could run at 24… see what I’m doing?  More thinking than production.

Staying where I am.  Break soon.

In a stall.  Don’t know how to start prospecting…. Get out of Sonoma County.  Marin and Berkeley geos…  Restart computer.  Google Maps is just being a devil presently.  Stop where I am in this paragraph, and restart this devilish laptop.  Mood falling, have to recover, for fully capitalizing on my Now…