Up to leave soon.  Haven’t had that much of my latte.  I feel something in this day.  Can only credit music, that my phone is actually working, or the wifi is.  What do I want from wine, today… means to more money. Now, more than ever, every penny is significant.  I will make it so approaching expenses will be no match for my work ethic and the story I put into the world.

Not teaching over Summer, so I need to milk these two courses I’m teaching both with writing opportunity and marketing myself.  SELF.  Not any one company, or project or product.. but MY brand.  Which is what…. Writing, learning, loving, living, more positive pulses as Mom reminded me.  Noted… so noted and actuated. Some people just want the opposite of joy.  I won’t allow any such vile magnetism pull my loving conception of life, mornings like this, grandiloquent days like the one ahead of me at Lancaster… that beautiful property, the people that come in with and for their love of wine, Cabernet, Sonoma County… This is a day to celebrate, no matter what other’s with their pessimistic jaw would jabber.