New tone to everything.

New sight and feel, read and perspective.  Today, one of the more productive and forwarding speaks of my life, certainly in my AE story.  Was thinking again about my AE piece, and how what you do and how you do it, whatever the complexion and composition of your practice, enjoy yourself. Mark often will simply tell me, in response to my flight plan (which I don’t even have to send but I do for his reactions and insights, and it keeps me writing), “Enjoy!” Or, “Enjoy your day!” I need do that in louder fashion, in more proverbial pulse and more erratic joy storms.

Last night, my babies reminding me to enjoy, have fun… do what you want, develop your own form of production and narrating the day.  Go at prospecting new business in that walk, in that lean.  I’m learning about myself, these past 4 or so weeks.  That I’m more than merely in control of my own narrative.  I choose the narrative to begin with.  I fall and or folly, it’s my election.  Something I decided.

Today’s notes, all from what I see in this ‘About Everything’ consideration and connection with my movement.  And everything right when it happens… that is, no editing. Just post it. Speak the IT to it all.  As long as you speak kindly, and truthfully, there’s no harmful misstep possible.  Even if you were to be “reprimanded”, or “talked to”, there’s instruction in such.

Account Executive is just a title.  Two words.  What hold recipe and radiance is the manner in which you write from that tag.  About…..EVERYTHING.  Writing here in one of my older writing spots, at a small square back table, listening to music that’s already playing from walls, and seeing everything as an opportunity.  What’s said, the people around me.  The way the kid talks to his father (just seated at left, tall table), teaches me to be more curious than instructional when seeking new business.  We’re all AE’s, as I see.  Everything we do is a search for something, and a play of sorts, looking for a gem, or not then a lesson… for growth, or elevation, exploration.  The feel to this new sight, result of occurrences recent, humility among other things.  Not sure if empathy, but composure, composition.  A few nights ago, Dad telling me those stories about his early career days, and where I am in this AE book.  I need be more into turns, corners, shapes, people as he was in his tellings.

Waking earlier than I have in much time, this morning to be at that leads group in San Rafael.  The drive.  Not sure what precisely I learned from it, but sharply appreciated the hour, the dark, the others on 101 South with me…  Thought of wine, waking to dark to harvest lots and blocks as my sister has over and over, year atop year.  There was not so much a new tone to the drive, but a re-emphasized tone. The sight, feel and visual of everything around me from when I bought my 4-shot latte at 12 & Mission to turning onto 101 from 12, a reminder.  I’m choosing what’s written, from disposition to Composition.