Lots of writing in journal still to be transferred.  Haven’t had any time with as sped and busy, sent by self I’ve been.  Class tonight, and haven’t seen this section in two weeks as last Monday was MLK.  Going in light, free, only carrying a role sheet and journal.  Tomorrow morning going to coLAB, to write letters, conduct business through communication.. more emails and just quick notes, I’m finding are most drawing and effective.

3:55.  Still sipping coffee.  Could be final cup, I’m thinking.  Yes.  Make it.  Water after this.  Starting to pack, to leave office… friend of mine said to me after telling him today was the last being stationed in office, “Yeah, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Yes, NOTED.  Even if I weren’t canvassing, I could meet someone, talk to someone about Sonic, about myself, about them and their business, or someone they know with a business.  This is more than mere referral marketing… OH, drop off a bottle of vino at tech office in Bennet Valley.  I’ll take one of the bottles from home.  Or…..  Yeah, nothing too elaborate, or pricy.

Taking a break from wine, and yes I’ve said that before but this whole day I’ve been thinking about what I’ll get done tomorrow if I actually do wake at 4am, how much I’ll write, how much I could plan for day, or workout which more than anything I’m eager to do.  Will write and work and plan when back from gym.

Just made another call.  Not so much a cold-call, but a follow-up to when I stopped by an office.

Need to find a place in Berkeley to station self.  Know where I’m going tomorrow in Berkeley, just not sure where the nearest coffee shop is.  Well, wait.. I’ll be around 7th, 6th streets, and there’s that one café… I’m overthinking.  When “canvassing”, don’t canvass.  Go for a walk, I keep telling myself.  Enjoy the town of Berkeley, enjoy the varying business types.