12:37. First time working at coLAB.

Heading to a meeting, then will come back.  Tomorrow I’m heading to BMK, hoping to be there from about an hour.  Sales, Productivity, Work, Business… think business more than anything, BUSINESS… what I’m writing about.  And how sales shouldn’t be sales, but invitation to discussion.

Had a cup of espresso when I got here, and that’s all for caffeine for the day.  At this meeting, or any meeting, just chat.  Selling or chances of selling and converting are substantially harmed when you focus on conversion.  Or even hope for it.  Enjoy yourself… first.  Not just foremost, but ONLY.  Only focus on enjoying the conversation and new person you met.

Getting hungry. May have something to eat at this place I’m headed.  Not sure what they had.  Today was supposed to be a no-spend day, but maybe I can expense it.  Maybe.

Speaking tomorrow at Speakers club, and will be lecturing on this blog, sales, productivity, business.. What do you write about?  That will be answered and explained tomorrow.  In a word, business.  Sales.  Narration.  That’s three words.  Nearly impossible to condense and singularize to one.

Back coLAB after meeting, and feeling tired, a little hot and sick.  A part of me orders the writer to go home, to rest, then the other this one right here on this couch decrees that I stay put.  Right here atop this cushion.

Started composing proposal for new business I met earlier today, before coming here the first time.  Keep sniffling.  Keep moving, I say to myself.  Looking for more leads.  There was just a mammoth amount transferred to me. Have to get in early tomorrow… oh, and compose email to blast.  Send a couple out then head to BMK in morning.  The aim is to walk around, that’s it.  For two hours.  Just walk around, say hi, pass out cards.  Literally, that’s it.  At my lunch just a bit ago, I spoke with her, Cate, about how I do sell but I hate selling.  I don’t like the connotation and denotation of selling and sales, sales people.  Why not talk, say hi like I’ve always said on this blog and who knows where else, enjoy the moment and be in the moment.  Stop seeing yourself as a sell and more of a sayer, speaker.

Just had an idea.  It literally worded itself as ‘FUKsalez’.  Then I re-write it as ‘kNOwsalez’.  Writing about sales and speaking about sales, deconstructing and re-defining sales and what it means to be a sales person, or Rep, whatever.  How you DON’T sell.  You speak, narrate, educate.  And, too, learn.  You don’t have to be all-knowing, some profuse and pompous sales sage.  So many talk humility and don’t ever stop talking.  If you are in sales—and this is very much a note to this own writer—don’t stress yourself.  Don’t overthink, and don’t think, but rather enjoy.  Express.  Be more artful in your acts and actions and day to day actuations.

My talk tomorrow, an extended definition of sales, selling.  What’s above mentioned as well as other facets that’ll of course be in the moment. In the moment, in the moment… feeling my cold wrap itself around me, child and sniffles, some guys playing ping-pong just to my right and ahead about twenty or so feet.  I should go home and get in bed.  But I refuse.  Fuck that.  I can move, I can talk, I just had a meeting—reminds me I should write an email, thanking her for the time.  Her business, the only of its kind that I recall.  The uniqueness is what “sells”.  And it doesn’t sell—why do I keep fucking saying that?  It connects.  It educates.

This couch starts to become THE office within this collective office or workspace for me.  Feeling better, not wanting to leave but work more.  3:12pm.  I should go get wine for the happy hour here that’s happening… when again?  Next week some time, I think.  So much going on…  Need to plot days more precisely.  Doing just that with calendar, NOW.