3:35, and starting to feel run, sluggish, disconnected.

So what do I do but keep moving.  What else can I do.  Not much choice.  May get a cold brew coffee, but that’s pricey, more than I want to pay.  So why not then a cup of the coffee in breakroom and sip slow.  Don’t finish cup.  Yes.  Much more sensible.

Gum instead.  That can wake me up, the mint feel and communication and the chewing, the up and down.  Going through business cards.  Office is quite quiet, and I’m losing concentration.  May open this beer on my desk, the Moonlight Death & Taxes.  Way that lady spoke about it I hope it’s good.

Three more emails, then I’m done.  At least I have one appointment from an email I sent today.. did I note that here, tell you that?  Sharpening my email blast strategy, so that it’s not a blast but more precise communication.  Bored talking about it, so I think of wine, my wine shop, if I still want a wine shop.  I need one.  After all the presents the babies acquired in the gift storm, the house feels smaller.  So I thought much of the ride to El Dorado Hills and back, how do I pull a more sizeable dwelling.  More money, of course, but more activity.  No need to consolidate as I always reason… need more projects just perfect the balancing act.  Have it not be at all an ACT.

Messaging a co-worker about the D&T.  Then I see the wine shop again, what I’d have in there, and what I’d say to people… how I could prospect for a wine shop.  Speaking of….. had an idea.  Not writing it here, but wines from yesterday…. The Pinot, that Simi Cab, then the Zin and what was left of the Lioco SB at home.  Everything different, this new year.  With wine, with running, writing, teaching, Sonic, everything… my book on prospecting… thesis is, really, JUST SAY HI.  And with wine, prospecting is more than easy, especially when you ask people, “Hey wanna come try some wine?” What’s it cost?  “NOTHING.”

Okay… just three more emails.