Day after xmas and starting the new year, TODAY.  Everything aimed for.

First, email leads… do light touches, organize the follow-up grid I designed for self.

Yesterday on way to El Dorado Hills writing verse.. touch those words a bit more.

Run at 12, and planning to do only 5 or so and hit below 8/mile.  Hoping my recent pains and injuries have completely subsided and there are NO aches.  And if there are, I stretch them out.

A few victories already for me in day… One, no distractions this morning… was out early and to work on clock before 8.  TWO, no Starbucks… fuck that place, and the suck it is to any and all budgets—Now that I think about it, it had thoroughly impeded me having my own office among other realms.  THREE, no breaking of now-fast with any snacks or morning munches.

Today the new year starts.  Sending letters to prospects, may even walk around territory, somewhere.  Maybe.  Drive to Marin, some of the—NO, stay connected to letters, notes to prospects.  Ones brief, gentle and honest.

Feel self getting a little anxious with all the leads on desk, but then I quickly re-steer that to eagerness, a voluminous patch of hunger.  Finishing coffee, and possibly needing another.  Many people not in office today.  Capitalize on quiet.

Just under 11 hours left in fast.  Not thinking about food, or lunch, or anything.  Only words, letters, emails I need to write and what the writing in this AE post is going to do for me.  And, how much I need my own office.  And, not at home.  Again measuring getting a membership at one of those co-work spaces, or coLABS on Mendocino.  Becoming increasingly more difficult to work in this Sonic office when so many are around me chatting and discussing approaches to whatever’s happening with what client at what property.  And at home, forget it.  All the clutter and having to maneuver around everything, especially now post-xmas with all the new gifts and toys and wrapping papers and remnants from cardboard boxes… no.  My own space. 

New business idea…. Something for those that need to prospect.  To make it easier, more manageable, or cleaner, less stressful or anxiety-actuating… something.  Notes in my AE journal with the Native American proverb or saying on front.  Keeping track of everything I do for prospecting purposes….  Make it literary, make it a story.  Anyone in sales who has to hunt or “farm” for new business will get it.  Be patient, but you’re not.  Keep going, but you’re not getting ahold of any decision-makers or anyone that can point you in any direction or hint of a direction.  You have to make it your own, you have to note every name and where you met them, what they do (even if they gave you a business card)…

I’m happy having to come in today, but with what I want is there any other option?  Why would you take off today, the day after a day of giving gifts?  Go into work, make it more than just “your own”…. Gift yourself new freedom, new creative, new story, new atmosphere and narrative.

Coffee almost done.  9:09am.  Heard that more people are not here, today.  Doesn’t affect me.  Going to test my productivity, today.  With letters.  Communication… the follow-up grid yes but more than that.

Keeping run to an hour, at lunch.  Was going to do just 5 and shoot for sub-8, but let’s try for sub-8 for an hour.  OR, a record time for hour.  Going to do usual coarse, or some augmentation there of..  Yes, do it differently.  Run to Corporate and take left, then right on Stony, then down the John Benz Trail (route I named after a close friend here at Sonic after showing the path to him).

Going through business cards… giving me idea for this, writer about this more, this AE and prospecting life.  Each step of it is literary, each business card is a character and story, something to be “sold”.  Another lead… a winery in Napa.  Hearing people around me laugh and happy to be back and off it I feed and am propelled with voltage and fire, blaze and new ways, a productive and conducive stray.

Feel hunger a bit, but refuse to break fast.  Not sure I’ll make it the full 18 hours, but I’ll try.  That’ll put me at 7-something I think.  Indeed, not sure.

Will stop this entry and have it posted before 930… write letters and notes by email for a solid 3 hours.  That WILL produce something, I say to myself.  The old ‘Sales 101’ principle or tenet of If you throw enough shit against the wall something has to stick…

Looking forward to run.  Garmin charged, and now I just write these notes and emails, have each one be not so much tailored, but earned.  Honest.  Honestly heartfelt.  Have one card next to me….  5 minutes till start.  This is more than work, this is much more than a productivity tag.  This is life, this is education and knowing you can hit and touch and grip and up something.  Elevate and escalate the reality.

Here I go…. Today, first of this new year.  To the office, and … yes, getting a membership at coLAB.  Cancel 24 Hour Fitness, something I haven’t used in who knows how the fuck long… rather run outside anyway.

Notice I’m knocking the 1000 word door.  So I decide to keep writing, imagine myself a student in my own class which I very much am.  Sections next semester, taught from and with and for more madness in student writing, and reading.  Taking today as an assignment… write about the office, the company, the people I overhear talking, what they’re talking about, the people I’m about to contact, day after xmas.  Feel a bit odd doing so, so… keep it short.  If I’m to write about sales I need address .  Craft email draft before hand and just fill in name, but make sure it doesn’t sound like you just crafted what you just crafted.  Makes me laugh, being a sales person that doesn’t want to sound like a sales person but concurrently making it known I want to chat.  What for… of course.