Excited to start calling, if you can believe it.

Trying to shake off this low self-appraisal from not waking as I wanted, at 4am.  Was almost sure I would but I didn’t and now I fly to the keyboard like a jet taking off late and passengers in the back screaming something like “What the fuck is taking so long??” Business cards where I left them, and reading an email from Mark thanking me for my EOD update and complimenting my on my production yesterday, switching things in their order, keeping things fresh, he called it a “good tactic”.  I’m not influenced by “coaching” or instruction, but I will note for this page and for all records that Mark’s word have a surprising impact and landing and instrumentation in my day-to-day.  What does that mean for my character, I don’t know.  But I embrace the role of learner, of student.

Today’s aim, inventory all production.  Always say I’ll do that and don’t, or do it partially.  So, first mark… this entry.  Work today is work today but work forever.  An entry that will extend into however many years.  41 next year and past that.  Work faster, produce more, more wine stories, more wine woes… like what… like not having made wine since 2012 at Kunde Family Estate with Zach and Blair.  No focus or obsession or fixation on that though, only a progress to forward, to the 12.  Wine is shaping me again, a new volume of stories and trials and angles with which to meddle lovingly.  Blending wine and what I do here as an AE.  How, still figuring that out.  Latte sipping and sipping madly like a madman or mad-penner.

Writing is how I will lift this really into the space layers of sky and atmosphere, and promise.  Wrote Mark an email, waiting to see what he says concerning messaging a return-business client that I was assigned.  Forgot to mention a promotional end-of-year pricing and offered some tentative wording.  Not that I need help with writing, or maybe I do, but want his thoughts nonetheless.

Moving money to get some time at coLABS on Mendo.  Need my own office.  Now.  Actually years ago, like in 2012 when I started at Kunde under that dipshit manger and inept ownership and upper-management and corporate connection or partnership that know nothing about wine and business and wine business, and certainly not hospitality.  More I think about it, I should be writing about the industry, and working here as I did in the tasting room, how everything in the wine world and its limp industry should be.  Declared… aligning wine life and my wine writing, wine blogging, everything wine and how I am when giving tours at Lancaster.  Speak, and with SELF.

Too many times I’m overthinking.  Nothing on list of marks for day.  Made one tally, posting poem I wrote last night in head on way to KIN then later typed into phone in kitchen while sipping that Cabernet. 

Beginning calling in 13 minutes.  Not calling, but checking in.  That’s my mentality, and part of my curiosity and fascination with this place, hearing Dane say that he’s making this up as he goes when I heard him speak for the first time privately just after I was hired, and later our first and only-since chat about going door to door.  He told me he went to existing account holders and just said hi, wanted to see how things were going.  And this all started from an idea, this whole goddamn company…. From his mother’s garage if I correctly recall.  Calling, I’m going to be more than hands-off… some would say it’s cold-calling, it’s not at all.  Or not the way I do it.

Get some office space at LABS on Mendo….  Can do today, drive out to 24 cancel membership then start with the cheapest option then go from there.  Work… we spend so much of our lives at such, so why not ONLY love it, have it be wholly yours.  Wish I had this mentality in college, or even high school.  But here I am, much older, and working with this new sight and scope and perceptive lens.