Picked up the NaNo project.  A thousand already in file, written.  Feeling off this morning.  Don’t know if I didn’t get adequate rest or what, but that’s my feeling, where I am in my mood ring this morning.  Not that my mood is bad, really, but in a stall.  Keep moving.  Get outside. Meeting at 11 with leads group member.  Today, work will catapult me further to where I want to be, in my own office and speaking businesses and narratives like Sonic.

A no-spend day, today.  Some overhead’s about to hit, and I have six days till pay.  No winery this weekend, obviously.  Part of me’s relieved while the other is irked.  Keep writing, keep studying my own story and how I arrived here, here, in this tech office where I am more than encouraged and appropriately deployed.