…this ‘STRONG words’ journal that my aunt & uncle bought me years ago.  Feel bad as I remember not making fun of them but nonetheless making remarks, like Oh another journal, and Oh wow buying a writer a journal, what a shock.  Again, said with sarcasm, gentle snark, not malice.


Work is what you compose, how you see it, more than attitude but collective character and approach, and if anyone or anywhere has taught me that, truly, it’s Sonic.

Meeting in an hour….  Interested to see this guy’s office, setup, learn more about what he does.  Thinking….. ideas…. On how to have myself heard, more of my words read…..

12:36.  Early lunch done.  Now have to drive to a part of Santa Rosa for inspection of grounds, layout, but I’m utterly unmotivated.  There’s this block.  So then removed the block.  It’s that easy, right. 

After meeting in Cotati, I know that singularization MUST be prioritized and better implemented in my day-to-day.  Tired.  Get coffee then.  Will before I leave.

No… get coffee now.  Then ride to Montgomery Drive. Okay, so after I’ve said over and over what I’m doing.. now to do.  Coffee….

2:18.  Now 19.  Not getting up from this chair till at least 4pm.  Got back from a quick visit to a part of Santa Rosa where I could acquire some new clients.  Still no Starbucks, still no spending, still in a writer’s lean for day.  Thinking about leaving early, but what would I do.  Well, I could write offsite, at a café or… no, that would mean spending money.  So no.  Feel like I’m writing about nothing right now, just writing to write.  Some I know would just tell me to stop writing, that’ll solve everything.  Relax, don’t stress, and bla bla.

Not many people in office today, I feel.  So quiet.  And my buddy who yesterday opened a couple beers with me in the office and said we need to turn up the day, not here.  So I truly feel it’s all on me. Which I’m fine with.  Work… work within self, within the day, at this desk in this chair staring at this screen.  Ready calls for Monday, emails and visit to Marin that you didn’t want to do today.  Writer at a tech company, I remember.  Eating raisin bran and looking at the clock.  No… stop that.

                Cards, business cards that is, all in this hectic but somehow contained stack on desk.  Thinking Monday what I’ll do is cruise through them in morning with emails then head to Marin—how exciting.  Sarcasm… a shitload of sarcasm that was.  I could leave here and…. Wait!  Idea!