Morning.  Day start.  It’s Friday so what.  Lunch at noon which I’m quite looking forward to.  Kept thinking and thinking driving here about what I do at Sonic, and how to make it easier, how to make conversion more consistent and more my weekly if not daily culture.  And I figured it out… be an AE of ME.  Sell Mike Madigan and don’t even think about Sonic.  See how it goes.  Will start prospecting at 09:30, thereabouts.  Salesforce training put off till later in day.  Submit expenses and do my own budget.  Get through the stack of papers in car.  Everything today for sakes and senses of waking at 4am tomorrow.  No more dreaming about it, or anymore hoping.  Just doing.

Building my collective conversation with vendors and business owners, implementing more creative.  There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be out there just selling.  Maybe I will.  Maybe I’ll go walk around Airport Blvd, knock on doors and just say hi… OR, target specific businesses.  Doesn’t have to be in our fiber territory.  That’s another thing that hangs me up, or stalls me.  Fiberoptic, has to be fiber….  NO IT DOESN’T.  A reader has to understand that just now I have I believe to be a “dream job”, or not even a job but something more promising and promoting than I’ve ever encountered, so there’s only a climb, there’s only profuse promise in what I do.

Friend sent me some articles on prospecting, sales, as a resource.  Not sure I need them but I’ll surely check them out.  No sales this week.  Met yesterday with owner of the photo lab in Berkeley and she wants a proposal, but it’s not ink. Quite sure it will be ink, but I want it sooner.  I know, I know… play the long game.  Like being in college again.  You want to be in grad school the day you enroll in the community college.  Just doesn’t happen that way.

8:42.  Latte making its effect felt.  Have an idea for today…. Then I shed it.  Time to write another, and another….  Starts with this desk.  This area, how I was asked if I want a bigger space and I said no I rather prefer this incubator.  The day, started.  Morning.  I have hours to compose.  So, compose something.  Need some office supplies, I think.

Thinking I should just write a fucking book about prospecting… that would speed things up.  And I know some are reading and saying be patient, it takes time, things to that throw.  But what if I want to accelerate, excel, move a little quicker?  Nothing wrong with that.  So…. Go.

But before I do, thinking about what to say I realize is absolutely NOT the right approach.  Prospecting should not be prospecting.  A veteran in the department told me he just walks in, says hi, asks if anyone needs internet, and goes from there.  Not so certain I want to be that airy in my speak, but the casual and friend form I absolutely aim to embody.

Need more time to self, to brainstorm.  Then have that brainstorm have an immediate or proximal return.  MY business story, like I said yesterday in my BNI talk, is just starting.  9am just now and not quite ready to leave office.  Want to take a few more notes…. Notes to self, notes for day, jots for what I not want to say but how I want to feel in interactions.