Signs and Water

When thinking about writing, the first place my vision or any part of my principle activity goes is to where I am, what I’m doing.  What’s happening around me.  I once had an idea for a book, just called ‘Those Around’, literally writing about people around me.  It was no more elaborate than that.  What happened to the idea, I don’t know.  Or I do know.  Distraction, distracted from it, for something, from something.  I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I’m thinking more, that I’m more susceptible to what’s around.  Sounds self-defeating and maybe not so much because IT is, but I allow the interference, the obstruction.  When we think, we throw ourselves into more thought.  Writing should be not only free and freeing, but freed from what’s around the act.  Where you are and what you’re doing is certainly a topic or place to start, but don’t allow the immediate elements to topple the topic or sever your start.

Where I am now, after being in office and fitting in a quick haircut, with a beer at a small rectangular table, enjoying time before class.  Planning yes but as well training self again to just write and not think.  Like the industry I’m in, at the company where its CEO reassures his employees that everything in front of them in the building can be utilized to get them to where they want to be, wherever that is, even if outside the company.

I’m writing this to write about writing, and directly challenge any impediment to writing.  What did you do this morning, how did you get to where you are now, in the day and in life.  And don’t think, just let your hands buzz back and forth as if drunk or buzzed across the keyboard.  When I think about writing, I do NOT think about thinking.  “What do I write about?…What am I going to write?” This is permitted impediment to expression.  Write about where you are.. the table, the people walking by, what you want by day’s end, what you demand from tomorrow….  And don’t think, don’t analyze, don’t dive into intense perception.

Of late, one of my consistently elected writing spots.  Something about the tables, bar area, outside patio, food even though I didn’t order anything in fears in will more than likely make the writer more sleepy and observationally incongruent.  Sip water, look at sign on table in front of mine, about some trivia night.  Just noticed the same sign’s on my table, just couldn’t see it behind the raised screen.  So.. writing just has to happen.  I’m wondering why I ever started teaching English, to be honest.  ‘If you follow these RULES, you’ll write better.’ Fuck… what?  So it’s that simple, I’ve missed something for however many years.  No.  Writing doesn’t work that way.  As Kerouac urged, you need be a crazy dumbsaint of your own mind…you’re a genius all the time…and this is all for YOUR own joy. So just write.  Be bewildered in your own page bliss.