Tenacity.  More than that, but hunger.  A ravenous and relentless persona about me this morning.  MY attitude is more than fearless, more than determined or ambitious.  I don’t know what it is, any category or moniker, but I notice it.

19 poems to go in my challenge to self to self of 20 my EOD Friday, or before leaving for winery event on Saturday.  The aim of this day is to not let one ounce or sliver of any work I have catch me. None of it.

Write letters today.  I have to.  Keep re-writing letters to prospects and others.  OR, write a new one every time.  Just keep it brief.  Coffee with potential partner at 10.  I’ll find location in a bit.

Latte almost done.  Now what do I do.  Water?  Not too much caffeine, as I’m running at lunch.  Finally.  And fasting till around 2 if I’m not mistaken.  Today I want to push self, test the self and what it can do.  Again, tenacity and attitude.

8:47.  Have to run lunch I brought to fridge in back breakroom.  Could fill water flask when doing that.  Thinking and thinking, about all this, what’s in front of me and where I’m going in the day.

Desk a mess and I’m not too sure I care.  Just working around and in everything.  Creative solves, worry sinks.