Forgot running shoes at home. Broke fast.  Two losses for day but small losses.  Not even losses.  Will take lunch in break room and write and create, blog the shit out of everything.  Still have to grade papers for 1B class.  Interesting day where I felt tired then now after a small coffee dose I’m moving everywhere and with everything.

Aims for lunch…. 5 posts, over multiple blogs and other channels.  Then re-post on other what I posted on others.  Getting more mad with my methods, while driving back from meeting thinking I need sell both self and Sonic, in tandem.  Take more time with emails.  Today, a lesson.  A bright and bravado-told lesson.

Put Cheerios away, now just coffee.  Deciding to write a book on prospecting for new business, and not just new business but connections, alliances, new people in your business sight.  Have it be more than a funnel.  Just had another idea…. Bless this coffee, I’ll just say.  Still a bit bitter about forgetting running sneaks at home, but I have to move past it. 

Note on prospecting, ‘Keep talking with kindness and honesty.  Have it all feel heartfelt.  Don’t force the topic of your product.’