Back from leads meeting.  Brought my own coffee, and did something I haven’t done in a while… got a fifty cent refill with an old gifted tumbler.  It was in no way a refill, just the kid behind the bar knows my name and I played to that card.  So I thought about selling, and recognition, brand recognition yes but just knowing something or someone, and the proximal response.

Do something different with my prospecting, something.  One, writing more letters.  Calling less.  Write about Sonic, more.  Study the story and identity of Sonic.  DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.  OR, slow down.  Keep the motion and conversation tireless and as I was told, nearly promised, “Good things will happen.” This morning told by a member, Gary, nice guy who does loans and does a lot of business, that it takes time.  Plant seeds, have conversations, go out…

Lunch today in Novato.  Meet as many people as possible.

Working as well on a couple side projects, that aren’t really side projects but to the side of Sonic, of course.  Great lecture last night.  The whole time talking to these high school kids and hearing them narrate their plans to transfer and travel, me standing their wanting to do the same.  “Fuck it, then why don’t you.” True.  Why don’t you, I, we?  More life in the day, more life in me and life through movement, through what I do.

A wine project…. Going to take a coffee break here in a minute and write some notes on it.  And, target wineries that I want to study, learn, possibly help move bottles.  All these notes to self to help lift self off ground, gain altitude.  Wine, bridging that stretch in my story and all the wine world people I know, bridging it here, or something.  Writing freely in this morning’s early locomotive intentions with paragraphs and narration.  All over the place with my ideas and writings so far.  The coffee very much doing its job, and doing what I need it to.  Wherever I am in the project, I’m getting close to what I want which is that autopilot feeling in this new position, yes, and of course more money, but more than that, any of that, a reaffirmed and confirmed purpose.  The other day thought some of my writing and speaking ability was lost from some perceived block or mock-reality.  But no.  NO.  It’s all a decision.  All of this is a decision.  To do what you want, and what will get you to your There.  You reach a point where you’re just tired of it, tired of feeling a certain way, and the only steps you’ll accept are ones of a new beat and clef.

Planning to break at ten.  Just sent first email.  And now…. Hearing people in a meeting.  Signed contract just came in through email.  Celebratory, me, but only for a second.  Want to replicate that, transact, over and over. And I will, through creative prospecting.  And I’m getting sick of that word, prospecting.  So what’s the next logical word?  Is that word needing to be logical?  I’m overthinking.