12:24.  Hunger starting to register and fold my attention to my advantage’s antithesis.

Hear people laughing in office.  Just the atmosphere I want at the P-O-Z.  I’m at three vendors for day.  Going to get outside the IT focus, and hone something else.  What. What else can I target.  Not sure right now, day 28 of this project and last day of month 2 as an AAE.  The director just expressed in an email what a ride it’s been for him watching me settle into this role. Next week, my intensification and amplification of effort will surprise even me.

Hungry.  Today’s pizza day in the office.  Every Friday.  Was thinking about running, but no.  Legs still feel yesterday’s seven.

12:42.  Pizza still not here.

1:01.  Think it may have just arrived.  From whenever I get back from lunch till 5, more vendors for P-O-Z.  Will move into real estate, and commercial insurance I’m thinking.  Then, going to go WAY outside the box.  Like…. What?

2:48, after some salad and veggie slices I have things coming together.  Seeing and more importantly FEELING certain ambition parcels coming together, forming this supercontinent of expression and identity.  About to get another coffee, as I want to charge into the five o’clock door like a runaway tank, just breaking through walls and conformist structure and stricture.

3:50.  What am I thinking about, everything.  Digital Marketing firms and allying self with them, and then other professions.  Been flying over and through about a dozen different professions looking for points of connection and intersection.  And, frankly, studying business types, and how the businesses are assembled and spoken.  Today has been a self-educating dose for sure.  I never bore or tire here, as Sonic has my mind in too many places, too many tells, and with more story and creative fire than I ever felt in the wine industry or at least not how the industry had me in the industry focusing more on the industry than the wine, the stories.

Now alone in the barnyard.  Other AAE gone, now tech trainer leaves.  So I’m alone in my words, with them, having them teach me, I don’t know, something.  Walking to restroom and back, many have already left, and some on phone or watching something in their cube.  3-day weekend visual quips, everywhere.  I’m not leaving early, I tell myself.  I’m not tuning out.  Setting a strict martinet stricture, set of habit and pattern, more than just productivity in my remaining riles.

Still sore from yesterday’s run.  I’ll get back out, tomorrow, in the morning at some point more than likely after wife lands back from her workout.  Forget about tomorrow, I tell myself now, in this Now, at desk while so many flee to holiday, or some staycation.  I’m thinking of writing, wine I’ll write tonight, at some point.  Auguring my present and what’s just a few beats beyond it.

Part of me wants to leave early.  And do what.  Don’t know.

Think I thought of something.  I think.