10:16.  Just back from a site inspection, in Petaluma.  Learned about wiring, and the micro-construction of a closet where all the boxes and adaptors are.  On the drive back with Sales Engineer talking about prospecting and reading maps, where you should be as an AE which is the Field.  Which, I already knew, know, but good to hear it said and emphasized and re-emphasized.

Right now focusing on connectedness.  Looking for everything from IT vendors, to electricians, to computer engineers and network techs, everything.  Today, I with fire build the P-O-Z Agency, with the aim and thesis being helping businesses with everything from IT assistance to solar panels for their roof or wherever.  I want this agency to be simple, but not predictable.  Predictable in the quality of service and what we can provide, the community of vendors and industries, but not like everything else that’s out there.

The project is flying by me.  Need a walk.  Walk around the company for inspiration, or ideas, or both, more fire.

Back from walk.  Thought about talking to people as people, saying hi as I say when I canvass areas, cities, or business parks.  Just communicating, and building business not so much from relationships but a conviction knowing that your intentions involve more than just you.

Two vendors, both IT, left messages.  Have to clear this desk before I leave, it’s a swamp of papers and business cards, post-it’s and pens.

About to write another client, do the contract drawing, which I’ve only done once, and to a degree twice.  Next week, I’m forcing self to learn everything and figure everything out an be universally solo.  Like I just told someone, I’m done with the training wheels.

Contract composed, and sent to new client to sign.  Next week, I’m putting self in mind state and set and let that I am 100% in sovereign churn.