Sonic is urging me to move, and move faster, have my movements and being prints more known.  Not much happening today for me, with the exception of a business signing with us.  Which is amazing, I know, but one of the senior AE’s helped me with that, more or less telling the entire outline of the solution herself.  Me, observing.  Now, I’m ready to fly solo.  Now, I’m ready to push the P-O-Z Agency off the runway.  More details in a bit.  Class tonight, not much to prep for as the class still doesn’t have their books, and I have not a slice of a syllabus to deliver.  Day ending, needing a water.  And soon, sooner than soon, wine.

In this last hour, I’ll have the whole morrow mapped.  In San Rafael, for much of the day, then back here to Santa Rosa.  In office.  Was sluggish earlier but had another cup of coffee and now I’m a lively mess of liveliness.