More knowledge, more movement.

End of day, couldn’t order books.  No one picking up at JC bookstore, shocker.  Not letting it in my thinking pool, yet, or at all.  Tech company teaching me more about my teaching life than any department or chair or anything on any campus.  The consolidation has absolutely started, with my Sonic life, and now with this AE story, I’m looking at the ground from the air.  I’m truly just getting started.

Desk a mess, that’s distracting me.  I tend to, immediately.  Write more about this office, what I hear and overhear, learning about tech and how the internet and the associated facets function.  I AM becoming someone different, and all in willing ways.  This office, a loud informative yay.  Telling me to write everything down.. I’m again saying to myself, “Who would have ever thought a tech company would make me more a writer.” While walking back from that little café in the Kaiser building up the street, I thought about where I work, what I do, that I’ve been here over a year and I have no intention of leaving, or surrendering even a fraction of my time here.  Told self, “Write about Sonic.  All its sounds, all its characters, how I went there for myself and a friend in this bullpen or barn I’m in with we two AAE’s and two technical trainers.” The company and its geography I find utterly fascinating… departments and camps in departments, then unofficial yet very integral squads making decisions on transactions and assessments of properties, amongst else much.

Writing what I want into existence, and Sonic is literally handing all of it to me.  Each page.  Gifting the books to me, thanking me thought I don’t know what for.  I should be thanking it, both buildings, everyone with whom I’ve worked.. today, the story has commanded singularity of my pages, of how I speak the story and sense, presence dialect of Sonic.  Knowledge and movement, knowledge in the movement I see and myself actuate, feel and envision.  Steps that haven’t even occurred, already affecting me.  Echoing enigma pronouncing my purpose and place, newly-told tech tongue and veritable narration vertices.