Sipping the last of my sparkling cherry water and the last person in this “bullpen” as we call it leaves.  Time alone… time to think about today versus yesterday, and how I allowed mood and attitude to pollute my tune.  My music, my day.  Not this day, though.  I was overthinking, everything.  This job, and any, any vision or aim, any pursuit is as simple as starting a conversation, maintaining the conversation. This quite time to self is working.  More than working, it’s assembling self, more self.

Funny conversation off to my right, on the other side of the wall, girl telling one of her male friends that she’s going to dip her muffin in mayonnaise.  Not sure of the relevance, but I laughed nearly with audible reach.  I need to laugh more.  More comedy in my story.  Like with wine, and the industry, and how people take it so seriously and many times want to be seen as THAT person to go to for wine, rather than just shutting the fuck up and letting people drink…. I don’t know, I’ve always found comedic weight in that.  Composition, and story.  And to me yesterday, with my whatever it was… I should have just laughed.  I’m laughing now, truthfully.  Not thinking, just laughing.  Now they’re talking about some other food activity, with mayonnaise and cucumbers.  Have I told you I actually like cucumbers now?  I used to hate them when younger, or even into my more recent years.  But now, I like cucumbers.  Random, weird… just laugh.