Back from Novato.  One thing I learned by happenstance, not much forethought or method, is that your job in sales is introducing.  Introducing what.  YOURSELF.  Say hi.  That should be your objective in canvassing, or prospecting.  Say hi, wish everyone a good day or whatever, and after communication has been established, then get into specifics, services, what be.  Again, not boasting, just learned this concept in the words I above use just today.  Left Novato with six heightened prospects.  Sent them to exec, everything sounding good, so my persona and perspective glimmers today.  Attitude, remember that…. Attitude.  How you see everything.  Like with wine, the being need be maintained in all facets, from stage initial and onward.  It should never stop, the habit and practice and maintenance of both in your efforts.

Do your job less… conversations.. Learning… educating self.  The day, this company (Sonic), and the drive down and back remind me that there are no unattainables.  All is invitation.  Needing to consolidate notebooks, keep simple, contained, accessible.  The IT to it all.  Know that, and you know how to reach any aim.

Day winding down, and already I plan tomorrow.  I’m thinking back to Novato, or down to San Rafael, then up to Novato.  Making my territories those two cities, to start.  Know all roads, business parks, business types, where to park, etc.  One day at a time, and being this is only Day THREE of a project I’m still unsure toward what it is, temperament is imperative.  This time in my story is one for elevation, consolidation, altitude.  Shared with students and people in this company I don’t know how many times—Amplify, Intensify, Diversify.  That’s how I’ll reach my winery, my own little label from my rise here.  Thought, in all of this.  Each business card, each day prospecting or canvassing is meant to contribute to ascension.  So now, off the runway.