wine page

…what do I care if they could look over my shoulder.  This is all in my head.  I should be doing where they’re doing, getting into the task stack as it creates its own climate and map.

Get gas, then head to territory.  North Dutton, just down the Road more or less.  Fill this #pozvibez water flask with water.  Why didn’t I do that yesterday?  Could do it now, couldn’t I?  The whole day written, how boring or commonplace I find an occurrence is irrelevant.  Keep moving, keep writing.

Looks like going out is delayed.  Get creative with prospecting… what to do next.  People talking in bullpen on other side of my office wall.  Don’t want to call it a cubicle necessarily, even though I suppose that’s what you could call it.   Wine on mind, but not drinking it.  Everything done to make it…