Sonic tells a different story.  And more than telling a story, it has a reassuring presence and octave in everything it does.  From general customer and client relations to the ongoing life in the office, there’s always development, there’s always a way to elevate.

Sonic reminds you of your creativity and encourages more exploration.

Find myself tiring again, just after 4 (4:16).  Waking for this morning’s lead group meeting taxed my sight and sense and movement.  Better now, but still feel the slowness about me.  What to do now…. Notes for tomorrow, or not.  Knowing where I’m going in terms of walking around and talking to people.  But writing, what do I write… when do I have time, anymore.  No excuses, I know.  Even when this tired.

Keep with the harvest analogy, if I were in a vineyard at 4am, or earlier.  There is no option but to move, keep moving, and no matter how drained and surrendered I am or feel or just plainly am I have to continue in steps and escalate where I can.  Why Sonic is more than “a fit” for me. This creative enclave promotes and prompts more movement, more reiteration of where I am and why I’m doing it.

Had to get up, walk around, outside and get some real air.  Not sure it woke me any more, but I’m here and I’m still moving.  Hungry now, and just yawned again.  Harvest… harvest…. Been up since 5 but so what.  Still have fruit coming in, ideas, things to write.  So… the tired is just ignored.