Realize I’m writing in too many places. 

If you want to know, three laptops….  Troublesome (this one), Wife’s (in backpack, where the newest book effort waits), and Sonic.  Coffee being made here in home, vowing to quick Starbucks, angrily.  Babies upstairs doing some puzzle thing.  Back to Brentwood today.  Again.  Told one of my Leads that I would ride with him but I have things to catch up on, so I’ll again be riding by myself across 37 then down 780, then 80, I think, then 680, then 4.  Something about the drive there that unsettles me.  Not going to give it thought, now.  

Haven’t written any aims or visions for day yet, taking my time.  Yesterday said I would shake my world and all worlds.  Did’t do much shaking, if you know need.  Today, going to again be in observation mode for sakes of thoughts and deconstruction.  While walking on some Brentwood street, with palm trees and trees that look as though they’re a part of the plan family, I thought about travel, then was utterly occupied and controlled by travel thoughts.  Writing about not just restaurants and hotels, but the trees I see, the people, the sounds and voices, the bees and steps, streetlights and cars, traffic lights, the sky.

The richest thoughts are in travel, I understood and now almost painfully conceptualize.  How do I get there, and is that my truest aim, travel?

Kids come downstairs and take attention.  They don’t have to take as I’m more than eager to not only offer but immediately give.  Both request yogurt and granola.  Yogurt is Strawberry type, granola is standard, I guess, or what one thinks of when they think of granola.  I make more coffee in line with my swearing off of anything Starbucks or any coffee shop-related.  Satisfying business aim before self with a latte or meal out.  New day, new discipline, new song, new story.  New book, soon new travels, Newness compounded…. Philosophy and not, just furthered acknowledgment of the Now.