9:18.  Should get to desk, soon.  Just wrote a thousand words, a freewrite yes but something for book, to start a book.  The challenge and accost to self is to finish.  See if I do.  Even after the rough morning I’m here in the nook and the first thing I do is write, writing.  Contemplating taking backpack into field with laptop and writing on lunch.  Should I?  Yes… shake things up like you wrote in the Germany Journal.  Need one of the Sonic backpacks.  Where do I get?  Work… what I’m writing about.  Not “philosophy” or “life lessons” or anything “DIY”.  But work.  Doing the work YOU want to.  And nothing else.  Not compromising or negotiating joy or the story.  None of it.  9:21.. fuck.  Should get to desk.  Have some writing to do on conversation from yesterday.

Okay… to work.  Shaking my world, this world, worlds of others’ worlds around me.