Actuating will have you aloft,

IMG_E5967above any impediments, blocks be they self-perceived or enforced, anything.  I always say that life is cruelly curt, and maybe that’s exaggerative. Though, it must be held and studied, appreciated that our terrestrial tenure is more than abbreviated.  Our obligation is to self-obligate, not in any way with our apexing aims oscillate.  I’m here, typing this, and realize that the day will be over before I can estimate its contribution and integral nature to my Story.  THE, Story.  Only up, only climbs, only more wild brainstorming and creative cognition as to the next turn in through these waves.

Taking a quick break, then back into my thoughts, these thoughts I share with you as I’m convinced of their value and application.  Making the topic, the Now, your own.  I don’t have to have any sort of lowering self-sight.  Never.  I subscribe to and believe in the creative, the creative composition and facet to the Now. We all have it.