Some Wine Industry Thoughts

IMG_0008People so many, many times ask me why there’s so much turnover, and why so many in the industry work at so many different wineries, different companies.  Why is there so much movement?  I see two malignant causes.  And yes by writing “malignant” I don’t believe it’ll ever change and certainly ever be cured.  Those two being pay, and communication from management and keeping your “subordinates” happy.  And stimulated.  Encouraging them in their pursuits and curiosities.  Giving them new projects that encourage their interests and strengths.  This sounds like common sense.  It is.  Or I thought it was.  SO, why isn’t anything being done at certain companies?  Good question.  The cure has to come from these people in the industry that aren’t encouraged or supported, promoted, kept in one spot and never being let leave the dock.  I’ve come to the thesis and conviction of making everything in the industry your own, focus on the brand of YOU.  They won’t let you leave the dock, or maybe they were ignorant to you even being there, only seeing sales numbers and you as an employee number.  Fine.  Make it your own.  Give yourself a promotion… give yourself a raise.  Cut yourself free from dock.

I’m not moving anymore.  I’m focusing on this wine writer… me.  ME.  That’s where I work.  I’ve left the harbor, on my wild wine writing voyage. If you’re int he industry and frustrated, don’t be.  Write a plan for yourself.  And have that be your only only.  It can only work, working for yourself, having your wine “brand” be the finally found panacea for the malignancy of wine’s circular industry.  Nothing needs to be done, just keep doing what you’re doing, but intensify loudly.  Waiver not even a milli-millimeter.  Waiting for someone to do something for you, in this business, is a self-death sentence.