Wild Wine Industry Freewrite

IMG_492408:57….  Just freewriting with the time I have left.  On my way to the winery, and so eager to narrate wine, the wines we have there that my thoughts are impossible to be corralled right now.  I see my shop, I won’t allow myself to be in any other mind mode than ‘my shop’.  Going to taste through each wine and note where it is now, today, the 6th of March.  Going to get as meta into and about wine as I can.  Starting with the wines on the flight.  And, the wines I had shipped to the winery for me to study, from K&L.  May even order some more.  Or.. should I hold off.  Or, should I buy some wines from the winery and study them even more.  Yes… meta meta meta.  Taste them at beginning of day and at end.  There is no such thing as fucking house palate, I find.  Look for new voices in the wine, for new maths and new character, new stories and notes and hints.  For a wine blogger and writer like myself, time is my most applauding rooter, coach.  Even though, it won’t be there one day, nor will I.  So many wine people, in and out of the industry want to find some new wine, which is a rewarding urge, but sometimes all you need are the offerings in front of you.

Today, start with the ’15 Pinot Gris, in its apparent simplicity there’s an atmosphere, a travel, a flight and a love song that you don’t find in other PG interpretations.  The Chardonnay, even for Chard’ opponents there’s engagement and charm.  She continues to change and lecture me on Burgundy’s resplendent integrity, always inviting me to see more about her and her home on the other side of the Atlantic— she tells me to come back, visit more, buy a home or condo, or some writing studio close-by.  I might, I might…

The reds….  Where do I start.  Pinot, Cab, blend, having me recite verse I didn’t even know I was apt to do.  The reds of my winery continue to not only evolve but educate me and show me that I’m doing the right thing in my story, writing about wine from my literary holdings and roots, from my studies in poetry and nonfiction, essay and even short story from high school to under grad then grad.  I’m a literary bloke in the wine put.  Here I am, and in this freely written writ or manifest, I’m going to keep writing about wine as freely and tireless, poetically and fearlessly as I’m able to self-shove.

Nine minutes till I have to pack up from the Windsor Starbucks and head to Roth with my music and notebook, readiness to taste through each offering, and maybe see what else I have in those cages that I can play with, sell.  I want to learn more, see more, write more.  I want to find more in wine’s stage and collectivity.  Then, I think again of the Pinot Gris, remembering that we have a ’16 as well.  More to write, more to excavate…. I’ll be an oeno-archeologist, this day.