from the second thousand…

…small bar, huge sales floor, books blended with wine while music is ALWAYS in revolve.

Looking through pictures in old phone and find one I took of myself, which I never do.  I’m in the vineyard, when working at Dutcher Crossing on one of my vineyard walks.  Have no idea how many I took while working there, but it had to have been in the hundreds.  And I still do the same thing, now.  Always will.  I’ve always said, if you’re in the wine industry, I don’t care what you do, you have to be in the vineyard.  At least a little.  In the vineyard is where the stories are, where the life and poetry, photography, life of life is.  Should try and see at least one vineyard today.  Duct guy said the machine he uses is of pretty profound volume, so a drive would officinal, no doubt.  In a state of mutatis mutandis, with the writing of this shop.  And that’s what it is, I see in this sitting and this morning to extent less…. I’m writing it.