Shit, forgot to set my timer.  On lunch and I have no idea when I clocked out… wait, think I can find out…. Have a few minutes.  Till I believe 12:23.  In kitchen, writing…. Tasted through wines and the one showing the most force and conviction seems to be the ’14 Santa Rita Hills Pinot.  But I need something new.

Busy sending texts and emails… no time to write.  Will stay after a bit tonight, taste a bit more, taste any new wines I get…. Newness is the aim.  Even if it’s the same wine, and that’s what I have to write about, write about it a different way.. crazier prose.. more HST feel and Gonzo acumen.

7 minutes in break, left.  Taste the Zin again… write twenty words to her body and song-talk.  More music, more varied notes…. This sitting in a low chair at this high center metallic counter is odd— fruit fly trying to fly up my nose.. more winery details that I’m sure you could more than like without do.  No?

Moving money around, to spend on wine… buying six pack from Napa broker, much I don’t want to.. OR, I could use bottle barn.  Yes, use them.  OR, dare I say, Safeway.  Have to pinch my nickels and avoid dimes and dollars wherever possible.  Think I saw a bottle of Insignia at the Yulupa store for like $60 or something ridiculous.  Need writing assignments, that’s what I know as a wild wine writer… more new bottles… May open an old Chardonnay… no, open one of those Altvs Cabs… Thirty words.

Clocking back in.  Back on phone.  Need sales for the day.  Pretending I’m in my shop, my office and I need to blow through some cases… in character, in mood and mode and most prominently this wine manuscript that I have just over 24 hours to wrap.