NaNoWriMo. vinoLit.

img_8392On lunch.  No quiet.  All activity and motion.  People around me and I can’t concentrate.  May stay a bit after to get some writing done… taste a couple wines and take notes.  Revisited a Grenache and have new observations and musings about its candor and voice, general direction and light.  Have a tour in a matter of minutes and I have to concede I’m rather… not sure if ‘excited’ is the right word, but definitely eager to get out there and show them the property, and show myself the property for the first time for the hundredth time.  Not sure if I needed a comma there but I don’t think I’m too worried about it.

What do you write about?  Wine.. that has to be an answer.  There’s an explanation, though.  I write about wine as differently as I can from the other wine bloggers or “journalists” or “writers” in the wine wheel.

Sent out my newsletter.  Can only hope someone says something about it.  Just a compliment, or score… like a winemaker waiting for a reaction, that’s me a writer here at a winery with his wildly wild wine writing Nows.  Always something to do at a winery, in a tasting room.  And much of it as non-glamorous as you can draw.  But it has to get done.  Has me thinking, do I really want a wine shop?  Do I really want my own vineyard one day?  Or do I just want to write, market, sell?  What’s the best business move?  I have no idea, I’m learning as I go.  But I see something in my wine writing self today that I haven’t before… something having to do with appreciation of the air I’m breathing and the Now I’m in, the wine I’m sipping— what wine is… what it is is what we see, how we fell, what we say.  IF the bottle’s never opened, there’s no reaction.  If there’s no reaction, there IS no wine.