22:17… home and tired from event.  Running tomorrow morning, somehow.  Not opening that bottle of Pinot I brought home.  Just this note, then bed.  My mood, a non-mood.  Hear the neighborhood’s kids outside playing and I go upstairs and am so proud of our babies early in bed.  Not saying they’re better or anything like that, just glad they’re upstairs.  That’s all.  The Bocce even taught me a lot today— about all… me in the wine world, wine, people drinking wine, wine club member retention and education, hospitality, events… not sure how to inventory and categorize it adequately as I’m kilometers beyond exhausted.  After this note, which will be in a few words, I’m set to relax… just watch a show, no guilt, then go to bed.  Running in morning.  Should charge watch— I mean, Garmin…

Charging.  Now with night’s cap, and reviewing day.  But I’m too tired.  I want to be lazy.  I deserve to be lazy, at least for a couple minutes.  Tomorrow morning, if I fail to run, I fail in other realities and ambitions.  So it has to happen.

Business on the mind, hard to shut off.  Travel… others doing it, and I waiting for chances.  That’s my problem, an obtuse error.  So, reshape, rekindle and revamp—

Felling comfortable in home, this Autumn Walk Studio, and no longer lethargic.