from wine book…

Day 18, 6/27/17, Tuesday:  At LE.  VLJ, done.  Sipping espresso.  Have to be more tireless today than I have been.  And I need to wake earlier, that much I know.  Vineyards staring back at me, challenging me to be more of life than they are.  Let’s see what I can do.  Sell poetry today.. stop stalling.

Ran last night, just shy of 7 miles.  Feel run a bit today but not enough to slow me.  If anything, I feel light, spy, sly, more swift in my varying movements.

Espresso done.  So now what should I do.  Hoping I hear back on a couple things today but I’m not holding my breath, I’m going to build my story and my reality and reiterate that reality with a horrible creative pattern and speed, dexterity and dashing vocal.

Utter freedom in the next 12 day.  Can I do it?  Yes.  Dumb question.  Have to be with open eyes and ears and sixth sense.