Mad Filigree

In Dry Creek General store, thinking business thoughts all morning— while leaving babies at school, not to mention whole drive down there where Jackie noticed I was quiet, told him “Oh I’m just thinking about stuff, buddy.” He fell asleep soon after.  Emmie as well.  Posted to #vinovinevin blog.  Will have that be a wine resource site, of sorts I guess.  More professional, where as here I can be me, the HST of the wine industry, say whatever the fuck I want to, whenever, not caring— true freedom.

Forgot how amazing the coffee is here.  80’s music plays from their speakers.  At first I was annoyed, but now actually it supplements and compliments my momentum.  I say that every day is different, but today is certainly separating itself from any pattern.  I hate pattern, older I get, so this morning has been speaking to me and instructing me with unusual ferocity.  Look left, out at the vineyard, no rain, finally.. can go for my vineyard walk and continue my wined story.  I know exactly what I want and I will get it, no matter what I have to do.  The industry’s trends, salary limitations, who’s hiring and who’s not, makes no difference to me.  Not in any sort of “least”.  Wine is mine, and it wants me to speak it however I would, will, can.