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img_1070I’ve always thought but never really shared the idea that selling wine is more about time than ‘timing’.  What I mean is that when wine is represented, time should always take precedence over product.  When you meet a prospective buyer, be it in a tasting room or at some pouring out of state, with a restaurant or distributer, you have to be aware of time.  Not just the time of day, and how much time you have in your encounter, but valuing time.  Be connected to the time you spend with people.  Be aware and appreciative of the moments you spend speaking about the wine, telling its story.  And, where is the wine in its life?  To be aware of the wine, or wines, you represent and their story, where they are in it, I’ve found always contributes to more effective brand representation.  Narrating a brand necessitates control, control over time.  You have that, your timing will become an inexorable result.

We all have sales goals, we all want to hit those goals, we’re all on a schedule, I get it.  But, in order to satisfy whatever we have to in our timeframe it’s inarguably lucrative, both fiscally and aesthetically, and spiritually, to embrace the intersection of you and your audience.  I’m tasked with selling Howell Mountain Cabernet, I meet you for a private tasting and really only have a bit over an hour to sell you wine.  My first priority is you, our time together, not what I have to sell.  I know I have to move bottles, that doesn’t need focus much less excess focus.  You.  Our time.  Meeting a new fellow wine lover.  Let’s talk.  What do you like to drink at home?  Let’s build our occasion.  If you focus on your conversation with prospective buyers, any timing only has to align.  Why?  You will be in gentle control of the interaction.

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