Before going to a client’s, I sit on the floor of the home office with the coffee I made last night, right.  Heater comes on, and I tell myself that Monday has no say in what happens.  It’s powerless.  Less than powerless.  But, Monday can more than set the tone for the week, if you let it.  What I recommend to myself and then to others, “Establish momentum on Monday, for the rest of the week, and for the next Monday and weeks after that, and just let it ripple endlessly.” Going back and forth between writings right now but I re-focus on my current jots.  Motivated this Monday morning, for what’s ahead.  Class tomorrow, winery right after that.  Can’t think too far into future.  Right now is the only future I want on my perceptive platter.

Shit, just remembered there’s a thick sheet of ice on the windshield.  Will surely take a few to defrost, so get going— pack up laptop and phone and all the other shit and get out there—  Bulldoze into Monday’s too often perceived intimidating dimensions.  Will definitely need coffee throughout the day.  Keep notes in tow.  Where’s that other Comp Book?  Now m y mind’s moving faster than I can wrangle.  ‘Nother sip…. Starting to approach that odd stage between warm and cold, but I sip anyway.  Have to.  Next Monday, the first installation of “rune rove”.  5 pages to help with Monday battles— yay-saying jots meant for elevation and inspiration, more than just trite motivation.  Thinking $2 a shot.  Also have to go through images from yesterday, decide which ones I want to have in salable portfolio.—  Just found out my first submitted image was rejected.  Try again later…. That doesn’t affect my mood even microscopically…

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