Article posted.  Now I’m more than eager for the rest of the day.  In office for a couple hours before getting into the tasting room for a few hours.  Moving more than a mile a minute.  And I’m more than simply inspired.  I know what ’17 is bringing.  And I’m ready for it, abundantly.  Listening to some music in the office before heading to the room to pour, talk about wine, educate people on the property and Debra’s story.

‘Nother goal for new year— don’t be so obsessed with word count.  I mean, why?  Yes it’s a goal and yes it’s a solid number, and yes, I know, much of writing and journalism involves targeting word counts and submission guidelines usually involve word count-something.  But I’m going the other way, if you don’t mind…  Actually I don’t care if you mind.  2017 is about doing everything differently.  EVERYTHING.  New habits, new art, new words, new language, new music, new teaching methods.  Everyone this morning eager to get out of here.  I dread departure.  I’m too propelled in the day, this music I’m listening to, how the vineyard looks.  Gemmes…