Technically should be driving to winery, but I needed a moment

img_9470of collection and assortment of ideas this morning.  Sitting in the back room, that conference-y room and table at the back of the Hopper Avenue Starbucks.  Not sure where I wanted to go with this sitting, no real aim, just some time to self.  So I can have more sense of self, somehow.  Year comes to an end, we also get one year older… but that’s the wrong perspective I’ve found.  And resolutions?  Why wait for the new year?  Why not now?  One of my “resolutions”, or really plans (inferring I’m really going to do it rather than note some idyllic resolution), is that I’m going to take more pictures.  More photography.  More scenes and scapes and characters captured with a lens.  Not just on my phone but with a camera.  Photography has always gripped me.  Pictures, images, the visual that you’re just drawn to and kept by.  The scene here, a Friday stage– people waiting for the weekend and talking about what they’re going to do over the next two days.  “We’re going to my mother-in-law’s…” one lady says, while another man is on some business call I’m guessing, earphones in and speaking into some small white rectangle somehow harnessed to the right cord.  Do they know I’m listening?  Another man sits down with his laptop at one of those tall-boy tables and starts typing, and angrily.  Is he finishing a novel? Is he a writer?  Why do I care?

One more sip of the coffee and I swear I’ll leave.

I left right after that sip and arrived here in Dry Creek about an hour ago, maybe a bit less.  And, all I want to do is walk around out there in the vineyard and take pictures, scribble notes in between the rows, let myself just absorb and be absorbed by everything.  The life of this “wine country” we live in is out there, pervasively and intrinsically in the vineyard.  So why am I not out there now?  Well, technically, not even technically but actually I have quite a bit of work to do here, writing and other.  But on the time I have for “lunch” I will do anything but lunch.  I’ll be active, I’ll make use of  my moments, I’ll be out there in the vineyard taking pictures and scribbling and if not then just walking around out there.  Why not?  I always think of how many people would kill to have a workplace and environment like this around them as much as I do.  You know?
Still have my coffee, sipping slow, staring out the window at Dry Creek, at a large block of vines.  Not even sure what I’m looking at, what type, but I know I love what I’m looking at.  Orange, red, yellow, brown, all doused about and in fog.  I’m just looking…  This counts as work, right?  No?  Don’t care.  I’m just going to keep gawking, looking like I’m a tourist from Kansas, in wine country for the first time. Funny, though, I do feel like I’m here for the first time. In love with what I see. I will get out there, soon, sooner than soon, and just look and walk, yes take a couple shots but my fiercest aim is to just be out there, walk around, smell the air, watch the fog and low clouds arrive then burn off and rush away. Done with coffee now, need lunch. Or just the walk. Hate to sound like a record completely broken but that walk sounds splendid.

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