On Wine and Language…

Everyone wants to sound a certain way, I feel, rather than just talking, conversing about wine and sharing ideas and insights, what they taste and not in a superficial or snobby way.  When you sip your wine, the empirical focus should be on the wine and your connection to the wine, nothing else.  If you want to talk about what you’re tasting or what notes you pick up, it should be for fun.  And if you’re in the industry and you’re discussing it with colleagues or your fellow tasting room-ers, than there should be no trying-to-sound-like’s.  Wine communicates with us, honestly and with whatever flavors are primary to its character.  There is no competition, it just wants to share its identity.  While we sip wine, and if we choose to talk about what we taste, why don’t we all try to just sound like ourselves, delight in the wine we poured ourselves, and live.  Use your language, use your words, enjoy your time with the wine.

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